Steelhead Lodge Bar & Grill is located at Colusa Landing on the banks of the Sacramento River. We offer dining room and outdoor patio service for our full bar and Lunch and Dinner Menu.

Enjoy Lunch and Dinner, reasonably priced, with a gorgeous view of the Sacramento River. We take great pride in providing excellent customer service to our guests. Relax and enjoy when you're here. We'll take care of the rest.

If this is your first visit, or the hundredth, you'll recognize that we’ve come a long way. From the history, to the future development here on site and across the street, we are a work in progress. Our vision is to do something for the community and utilize an amazing natural resource. We must begin the process somewhere... And why not here? We hope you enjoy your visit.


The History of Buckshot’s Plan

The Sacramento River has been many things to many people over the millennium but today we see it as a place where locals and visitors come to have fun and recreate. The hunting and fishing in Colusa County, still to this day, is known around the country as world class. This is why (according to an unconfirmed report) an old timer named “Buckshot” envisioned a fishing and hunting camp on the banks of the Sacramento River. As the story goes this happened at some time around the middle of the last century when Buckshot built the first cabin on this site. Whether the owner even knew that Buckshot was on his property is another story, all we know for sure is that there has been plenty of activity on this site since then. We do know on October 1st, 1966 the present site was leased by Butte Creek Farms to Ralph and Linda Moffett. The lease stated the purpose was to conduct a hunting and fishing lodge, together with a restaurant, bar and motel. The bar and restaurant was built and operated as Ralph’s Steelhead Lodge.The motel was never built. In 1966 Butte Creek Farms was owned by two of Colusa County’s agricultural business pioneers, Roger C. Wilber and Lee A. Otterson. Some time later in the ‘80s the business was purchased by Albert and Lorene Wheeler and the name changed to Bert’s Steelhead Marina. The Wheelers’ operated the business including RV/trailer rentals and boat docks until 2005. The business was purchased by Harry ( Bud ) Robison of Reno Nevada, and a partner. The new lease with Butte Creek Farms was signed May 1, 2005 and the business name was changed to Colusa Landing. By the end of 2005 Bud Robison had taken over as sole owner. In early 2008 Bud brought in partners who had fished the Sacramento River for many years, Curt and Linda Johnson. Their goal was to improve the facilities and build up the business. The closure of salmon season on the Sacramento River, in 2008 and 2009 plus tough economic conditions set them back.

In February 2009 Butte Creek Farms entered into an agreement to purchase the business from Bud Robison. As you can see we have upgraded the restaurant and bar to showcase the beautiful Sacramento River. We are well underway in the process to permit a boat launch and continue to upgrade our trailer facilities. It is our goal to provide great food and service in a casual atmosphere and support our local fishing and hunting sportsmen. Thanks Buckshot.